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Did you realize a 12 pound Yorkie is the same as an average female weighing 218 pounds and a 14 pound cat is equivalent to a 237 pound man? Pet obesity by itself is classified as a disease, but the health conditions associated with obesity reveal the heart of the epidemic’s impact on pets and their owners. Osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, joint injury, various forms of cancer and decreased life expectancy are all linked to obesity in pets. “The body of evidence indicating that obesity causes costly and painful conditions is clear,” according to Dr. Joe Bartges, a veterinary nutritionist; “Without the obesity risk factor in place, the likelihood of pets getting many serious diseases is inarguably reduced.” How can this be fixed/ prevented? Change in amount of food fed vs. amount of exercise... Just like humans. Not only will the weight loss add to your pets overall health and increase their lifespan.... it will also ultimately make them feel better and be an overall happier dog/ cat. Isn't that what we all want in our furry friends? Most bags of dog/ cat food advise you to over feed your dogs/ cats with the amount of "recommended" cups per day - Ask your Vet what the proper feeding amounts are for your pets particular brand of food. Also, have them review the protein % in your pets diet. An over abundance of protein can cause additional future health problems.

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