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Let's Talk TEETH

Very few people know or understand the importance of keeping your pets teeth clean and healthy. Did you know that dental disease affects the liver, kidneys, lungs and heart? Bacteria from dental disease can damage these organs irreversibly. There are a few things that you can do to help preserve and protect your pets smiles: - Brush teeth regularly (Believe it or not, they make beef, fish, poultry, and vanilla mint flavored (Ruby's favorite flavor) toothpastes for pets) *Finger brushes or regular bristled tooth brushes can be used. (May be sold by your Vet or at any pet stores in your area) - Dental chews, "Greenies," bones, rawhides (with careful observation) and chew toys can help in scraping that smelly gunk off of your pets pearly whites. - Special dental food - There is food that is formulated and produced to help break tarter from each tooth as your pet bites down into the kibble. (Ask your vet what they recommend and the appropriate amount to feed for your pet's weight category) DRY food in general is also a very good daily "toothbrush" as opposed to people food/ wet food. - Water additives can be purchased from any pet store that can be of help every time they take a drink. - Veterinary intervention. Yes, we do dental cleanings on pets just like you have done at the dentist. Scaling, cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatment helps prevent dental disease as well as helping with that bad breath complaint that we hear about constantly from pet owners. Depending upon your pets lifestyle, age and breed, the frequency of this type of intervention varies. People laugh at me when I say that I brush Ruby's teeth three times a week, give her dental chews, and feed her a special diet that is specifically formulated for dental health. She is a small dog with a predisposition for bad teeth. She is my world, and I want to do everything that I can to protect her organs and extend her lifespan. I have a feeling that the majority of you feel the same way about your furry babies. It's worth it! I promise!


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