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It's GOOD to be HOME...

We take our job VERY seriously. The happiness, comfort and well-being of your pet is our number one priority. We understand that your pets are your loyal and devoted best friends and family members and are cherished as such. We would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and your pet for a meet-&-greet (free of charge) to get to know one another and make sure that together, we are a perfect match! 
Please visit our contact page with inquiries on how we can assist you with your pet care needs!

Day & Overnight Care

Your pets deserve to be themselves, not a bundle of anxiety and stress! Let your vacation be as enjoyable & relaxing for your pet as it is for you while you're away!

Whether it be in-your-home doggie/kitty day care, snuggle time overnight slumber parties, day/ weekend/ long term hospice/ terminally ill pet care, or just someone to keep your pet company while you are away, We are here to provide them with all of the hugs, kisses, and TLC that they crave! It's best to keep your pets in an environment where they are familiar, comfortable and feel safe. The goal is to take as much anxiety away from your pets as possible while you are away.

We also provide nail trims, ear cleaning and teeth brushing (at your pets descretion).
These services can either be performed on a Home visit basis or within a pet sitting schedule.
(Other additional grooming options are not available at this time.) 

Services include mail and newspaper collection, plant care, and rotating the lights and blinds to give your home that "lived in" look to the outside world. Any other needs may be discussed at time of service.

Daily Medication Administration

We've found that many people do not feel comfortable medicating their pets.
We have worked in the veterinary field for many years and are very experienced in medication adminisration of all kinds. Whether it be subcutaneous fluid adminisration, injections, or oral medications, We have learned the tricks of the trade over the years to make this process go as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. This should not be a time in your pet's day that they dread and run away from, but a pleasant and stress- free experience. 

For client convenience, personal checks, cash, and PayPal options are accepted. Weekly/ monthly payment plans are also optional.

Home Visits & Walking

Having a bad day at work and have to stay late/ work over your lunch hour? An emergency comes about and your hands are tied? Last minute out of town business trip that puts you in a bind? What about a wedding/ reception that's too far from home and you want to stay to enjoy the festivities but don't want your pet to be there for too long alone?

No need for accidents in the house/kennel or a lonely dog/cat on your hands! Your pet is taken care of! Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care is just a phone call / email away from leaving all that stress and worry behind! We have been there, We understand, and we are here for you!  Based on availability, We am flexible enough to be there for your pets within the hour, if need be.

We also provide dog walking (Long rehabilitation/ fitness walks vs. short potty break type walks as needed) as well as medication home visit services for clients who have busy lifestyles, crazy work hours, and an uncertainty in the ability of medication administration on their own.  Clients have found that us coming to their homes for SQ fluid administration/ Insulin or Allergy injections is much less stressful on their pets and much more convenient than having to bring their pets into the vet monthly, three times a week, or even daily. It just makes sense.

Pet sitting, Pet care, Dog walker, Pet, Dog, Exotic, Hamster, Animal, Cat, Kitten, Puppy, Training, Bird, Snake, Guinee Pig, Rat, Mouse, Fish, Lizard, Exotic, Small Mammal, Pocket Pet,

 Please contact us if there is anything in addition that you are looking for and we will do my best to work with you and your pet to make it a possibility!