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Pet Of The Month

Pet Of The Month

Award Winner


It is our HONOR to announce sweet Abigail as our

 Pet Of The Month Award winner!!
 We truly believe that Abigail is not only a HERO and WARRIOR, but an ANGEL sent to spread awareness and help create miracles for all used and abused dogs.
The lesson that she teaches about forgiveness and dog fighting is a true story of bravery, strength, HEART and will to live. 

This sweet angel did not ask for the life she was forced to endure...

Abigail & her Bonnets have brought awareness to help
“End Dog Fighting” & the use of dogs as "Bait."




























When this sweet, gentle, 3yr old Pit Bull mix was found as an innocent stray, covered in blood on a street in Miami FL - She was immediately brought to a shelter. One can only imagine how scared, painful, heartbroken and defeated she must have felt. But she never gave up. It is evident to see the extraordinary fight that pursued within this little girl as her story unfolds...

Thankfully, Abigail only spent one single day "behind bars."
She soon became a forever pack member of Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue and was transferred to Pets First Wellness Center, where her case was taken on by her amazing vet Thomas Jackson and dedicated veterinary technician, Destiny.

After thorough examination, It was expressed that;
"We believe she suffered the life of suspected dog fighting. She was anemic, she was infested with ticks, scars covered her bloody head, neck, back legs, half her face was missing, she smelled so bad of infection, and was covered in old dried mud. The entire side of her face was gone. Her skin had been ripped off right down to the ear drum."

Her injuries were thought to be at least a week old, she almost lost her life...

Abigail underwent weeks of hospitalization and daily bandage changes.
She had several MAJOR surgeries with extensive skin grafts.
Thanks to the 
knowledge, dedication and patience of the Veterinary team, she had a true chance at soon living a life full of love, loyalty and devotion that she very well deserved. 

Although she experienced a long road of rehabilitation and healing, day two of this journey is when her “MISSION” began.

As the veterinary team were changing her bandages, the way they held the gauze looked like a bow. "Since then we called her bandages “her bonnets."
Little did they know that this baby girl was about to impact THE WORLD.

Her story went viral and little Abigail became an inspiration to all. 
She started learning what true human love really was as strangers touched by her story started sending bonnets from all around the globe. Abigail can be found on Facebook at “Bonnets For Abigail” with over 17 thousand followers who love and adore her.






















Furthermore, She was blessed with an AMAZING foster mom, Victoria, who cared for Abigail as if she were her very own for 7 months, where more and more true meanings of love unfolded in her world..

Just recently, Abigail was adopted by the WONDERFUL Jason and Megan. Not only gaining a forever Mom, Dad and dog sister named Tala, but a spoiled life that she could have only imagined in a dream.
































Abigail didn’t need therapy, Abigail IS the therapy.

She loves people & dogs, and could not be more GENTLE and well behaved!

She has made it her mission to continue too teach forgiveness and end dog fighting with her story, and we are HONORED to call her FAMILY!




























Bonnets For


Bonnets For

Her Story

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