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Our vision is to create a world filled with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive.
It starts when we partner with you, the pet parent, to identify what your pet needs to thrive, not just survive. From there, we deliver to your door, quality products that are designed and developed by a panel of Veterinarians, to make a difference in your pet's life.

As one with over a decade of experience in the Veterinary field, I have personally seen how nutrition plays an important and crucial role in our pets lives. Not every diet is made for every pet. Some pets have food allergies, sensitive stomachs, digestive issues, bad gas, flaky skin & even eat their own stool.  These issues could very well be food related!

We understand that your pets are your children and you want the very best for them; That which will help them live longer, more vibrant lives. This is where We, as pet care specialists can help!
























See a difference. Feel a difference. Make a difference

I love changing pets lives and even happier changing the hearts of people.

Carrie Feinberg
Senior Director, pawTree Wellness & Nutrition Coach

ASK us how you can join the pawTree movement in helping pets and people thrive!

Pet Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

We are blessed to have the opportunity to recommend such an amazing service to our clients at this time!