"Carrie is the most loving person I know!! She has a heart of gold for all  living creatures!! (all animal and humans, alike) I have known her for eight years. She's
a very dependable and caring person who loves and



"JOZIE," &



    Carol Stream, IL

Testimonials & Recommendations Continued...


cares for all as if they are her own. I couldn't ask to know a better person to care for my babies; furry or not!!"
                                                                                                          -Bonnie Sullivan

"Carrie is a dependable, professional and trustworthy pet care giver. She has a true love and compassion for what she does and the pets she cares for. She has worked professionally in veterinary clinics and is well versed in common medical conditions, medication 

administration techniques, and how to recognize a pet emergency. Above all else, she treats each pet as if it were own, providing plenty of love, hugs and kisses while owners are away."
                                                                                  - Dr. Bridget Vlakancic, DVM
                                                                                 Cleveland Veterinary Clinic,
                                                                                 South Elgin  


   Naperville, IL

"As a veterinarian at Cleveland Veterinary Clinic, I worked closely with Carrie and witnessed her genuine love for animals on a daily basis.  She is an incredibly caring and compassionate person, who always took the time to make sure that our furry patients received not only the medical treatments they needed but lots of love too. Carrie is very reliable and has ample experience giving pets medications as well as any other treatments they may require.  I would certainly not hesitate to leave any of my patients or my own pets in her care, as they could not be in better hands!"
                                                                                 - Dr. Heather WIlliams, DVM
                                                                                    Cleveland Veterinary Clinic,
                                                                                    South Elgin                          


St. Charles, IL

"My name is Winnie, and I am a puppy mill rescue.  I spent 6 years in a mill, and because of that, I am a little nervous when getting to know new people if my mom is not right by me.  

Carrie knew that it was going to take time to earn my trust, but she was up for the challenge!  She spent several sessions with me, just allowing me to warm up to her at my own pace, and giving me lots of love and treats.  Once she earned my trust, she became my great pal!  Now when mom has to go away for several hours, I know that I am gonna get to spend some time with my good friend Carrie!  She takes lots of photos of me, and sends those to mom so that my mom knows that I am being well taken care of when she is gone. 
When mom returns, I am typically sitting at the front door, waiting for Carrie to come back and play with me.  There have been times that mom has found me staring at the door, and crying… just waiting for my pal to return!

I am a social little girl once you earn my trust, and Carrie quickly became one of my best friends!"  

                                                                                            - Winnie & Tricia Barren


Elgin, IL


    Carol Stream, IL

"I have known Carrie for many years. Also, I worked with her at The Carol Stream Animal Hospital. Carrie is a trustworthy & caring person. Her love & devotion to animals is truly remarkable. If you are in need of a sitter for your beloved pet, Carrie is the best!"


                                                                                                 - Cheryl Hanselmann

   Dekalb, IL

"Carrie is the best person to care for animals big and small.
She is very knowledgeable in care no matter what your pet's needs may be.
She is wonderful! She is sensitive and patient; giving your pet the best possible experience in stressful times." 

                                                                                                   - Jennifer Wessel    

My male cats demand lots of love and petting, but my female cats prefer to be worshipped from afar, and she sensed that the first time she met them.  I trust her; more importantly, so do my cats!"                                                                                                                                                                               - Margaret L.


   North Aurora, IL

"I have known Carrie for many, many years as a friend, animal lover, and vet tech, and can state with all honesty
that there is no one I would rather entrust my animals to
in my absence. I know they will be given EXCELLENT care
and equally as important, TIME, ATTENTION and LOVE.


"I believe you would have to search far and
wide to find someone who loves pets as much
as Carrie does!  Of course she takes care of
their basic needs, but she makes sure that they are comfortable and happy as well.  


   Aurora, IL

If you are looking for someone with a heart of gold to entrust your animals to look no further, Carrie is the BEST!!!!" 
Tania Chizzo

    St. Charles, IL

"Carrie is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She is an experienced vet tech and her knowledge combined with her love for animals makes her the perfect person to trust with your furry family members! "

                                                                                                                - Amy Kuhr

   Wheaton, IL

"Carrie has helped me numerous times as a pet sitter for my indoor/outdoor cat, Tabby.  On multiple occasions, I have been able to call on her to assist me in getting him to a vet;  Once when he was ill and another time when he suffered what appeared to be a bad puncture or bite wound to his tail.  
Carrie is trustworthy, caring and compassionate.  She is used to dealing with sick and frightened animals in a clinical setting.  When she brings those gifts and experience into your home with your pet(s), it is the perfect partnership!  Definitely a win win situation." 

                                                                                                               - Sherrill L.             




Carol Stream, IL

kisses. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to veterinary medicine, you can trust that your pet will be in the best of hands; no matter the situation."
                                                                                                           - Amber Brown

"Carrie is wonderful! Knowing her professionally
and personally, I know that there isn't anyone out
there who will love and care for your pet more than her while you're gone. Each and every animal is important to Carrie and they all get plenty of love and 


"EMMA," & "BAILEY"                    

Wayne, IL

"We had been interviewing petsitters for weeks and when Carrie arrived, I knew IMMEDIATELY by the reaction of our three Great Danes that she was THE ONE. She came in, professionally greeted us with a handshake and then sat right down on the floor to "meet" our girls. They loved her immediately and

that was enough for me! 

Carrie has cared for our dogs now, for over two years. She has the code to our alarm and I trust her explicitly! She is extremely accomodating, as she always adjusts her schedule to squeeze in a last minute request for a visit.
Her willingness to go above and beyond sets her apart from all the rest! Carrie always sends pictures when she visits - Especially when I'm out of town, so that
I can see how my girls are doing. I Especially like the notes that she leaves on the counter telling me who ate, pottied, and how they were acting that day. 
When I am out of town for long periods of time, I come home to a cleaner house than how I had left it! She has even done the laundry so that there was less to worry about when we arrived home! 

Since Carrie is a vet tech, not only does she care for my pets when they
are healthy, but if they are sick, she knows exactly what to do. The fact that she cuddles with them when she visits is just the icing on the cake! 
From the very beginning, she asked us for a medical profile on each pet, so that she is fully prepared to spring into action should anything happen while we are away. I've also called her on many occasions when one of the girls is not feeling well and she answers my questions - No extra charge!

On a scale of 1-10 - We give Carrie an 11! There is NOTHING that we would change about her and the way she cares for our "kids!" I think that the most important thing is that she treats them as part of the family, just like we do,
which is why we love her so much! She has become part of OUR FAMILY!"


                                                                                                  - Maureen Cosyns



   Elgin, IL



   Bartlett, IL

"We have 2 cats that are now into their senior
years, although we still think of them as furry
kids. They have daily medication needs, which


is why Carrie is such a gift. Never thought we'd find a petsitter with vet tech credentials & so qualified in emergency care. She's dependable, takes her business seriously, and she's warm & friendly too. Cats can be fussy, but our Samantha & Travis love her.  We couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect petsitter!

                                                                      - Michelle & Marc Rusinko, Bartlett


   Elgin, IL

"Carrie is simply wonderful! Our little Murphy loves his daily walk with her.
It is easy to see why with all of the love and attention Carrie gives! We know he is getting excellent care from a highly qualified provider. Carrie has worked with us to minimize Murphy 's separation anxiety and always goes the extra mile to meet his needs. Carrie consistently excels at communication, flexibility, and affection! I highly recommend Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care!"
                                                                                                         - Brittany Brierly

"BALI" &  


   Saint Charles, IL

"We contemplated for a long time whether to get a dog walker or not.
And we are so glad that we waited or we probably would not have found Carrie!! Having one dog with high separation anxiety and another dog with fear aggression towards strangers or new places, it was very important to find someone who didn’t just love what they did but knew and understood what they were doing from an educational perspective. Carrie is absolutely amazing!! Bali and Easton warmed up to her right away! And that doesn’t happen too often. They get SO EXCITED when we tell them that Auntie Carrie is coming over.  We’ve even noticed a huge change in their behavior, of course in a positive way. You can really tell that this isn’t just a job for Carrie, this is her life, this is her passion. Not only does Carrie truly understand their behaviors, she is very caring and trustworthy! She isn’t just a dog walker, she is an amazing caretaker. I know whenever Auntie Carrie comes to play with the pups that they will be safe, loved, (maybe even more than us) and have a blast! The best part of the day is when I receive pictures and text messages of our babies when I’m at work. I can just see it in their faces that they are having so much fun!  I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone and everyone! I have already told many fur-kid parents that Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care is the way to go! "


                                                                                                           - Erika Seibert

"Could not love this business more! Carrie knows her "stuff" when it comes to pet care -- both behavioral and medical. She is DEDICATED and loving. You will NOT find any better care for your pets and they won't be the only ones who fall in love with Carrie. Say "hello" to worry-free vacations, a happier pet and your new favorite business!"
                                                                                                        -Amy Echevarria 



   Wheaton, IL


   Maple Park, IL

"We used Carrie for the first time this past weekend and it definitely won't be the last time. She went above and beyond in so many different ways when caring for Sable. She sent us so many wonderful pictures which was great!! Also, I need to mention she made this all happen last minute because we were in a bind.
Carrie you truly are amazing! We look forward to using your wonderful services again soon!"

                                                                                                  - Erin & Aaron Stammet

"Carrie is AMAZING!!!! She is a wonderful advocate, and is so caring with all
of the animals she meets. She took photographs at an adoption event I was at with my foster dogs, and I know for a fact that some of her images were what caught the attention of at least ONE adopter for my little ones! She also took a photograph of my dog, as well, that is now hanging on the wall of my living room. Her images are simply breathtaking, and really capture the soul of the animal. I cannot wait to use her services more for future fosters, and for my other dogs.
She is simply amazing, I cannot rave about her enough!"
                                                                                                       - Brooke Heavey

4 Paws 4 U 4 Ever

Pet Rescue



"Carrie was amazing at the adoption event and I certainly would entrust my
2 fur babies with her!!! She is highly qualified and has the credentials to ensure that those in her care are very lucky, and will have a safe and enjoyable time. Looking forward to calling upon her in the future and encourage anyone who needs excellence in pet care services to contact her. Very impressive and more than all that - She LOVES fur babies, which was clearly evident at the event!!!"

                                                                                                        - Julie Therese


Elgin, IL

"Our pups Zoe and Tucker love having Carrie stay and care for them!  
She completely took the anxiety of boarding away!  From the moment she walked in the door to interview us we knew she was the perfect care giver.  
She has a special gift with animals and most of all, she made us feel like ours were special.  The photos and texts throughout the visit made us laugh and confirmed our decision was the right one.  
We recommend her to everyone we know!"  
                                                                                                        -Terri & Kit S.


   Crystal Lake, IL

"I've been struggling to find a place or someone to cut my dogs nails;
The whole thing traumatizes my little chihuahua so much! Carrie is the only person who has been able to not only cut, but dremmel her nails without scaring her! I truly think Meeka can sense her calm and loving demeanor, which enables her to relax.
Thank you so much Carrie for taking care of Meeka!!" 
                                                                                                          -Shalyn Hall



   Streamwood, IL

 "Carrie recently cared for our Bostons and not only had to do routine care and meds but during her time here was challenged by ear infection in one, paw inflammation in another, and seizure-like episodes in the third dog.  She had to soak paws, clean ears, get additional meds, and spent much more extra time with the sick little ones than asked. I cannot say enough about her knowledge, patience and caring.

We have had Carrie take care of our four Boston Terriers on many occasions and have been VERY happy with her care and attention to the safety of our pets and our home! She has laundered the towels and washed the dog bowls and sends frequent texts and pictures of the pooches.
We could not ask for better or nicer people than she and her employee, Valerie. They work with our timetable and are very knowledgable with pet medications and pet personalities. I am totally trusting of their abilities!"           
                                                                                                             - Jean O'Toole

   South Elgin, IL

"Awesome, Amazing, Attentive, Affectionate = A++++ 
Just a few words to describe Carrie and the quality of care she provides.
When I met her, I knew she could be trusted with my kitty and home.
She is thorough and very conscientious; truly a blessing!!
I especially appreciated the health reports and the incredible pictures she took
of her.  From now on, I will always use Carrie!"
                                                                                                                - Fran Hoof


  Wheaton, IL

"Carrie is truly one of a kind!
She heas been our loving pet sitter for the multiple Yorkies that we have had for over 18 years!

She is so knowlegable, and knows exactly how my little girls should be treated. She gives injections, administers fluids, bathes, grooms, maintains their eyes, ears, teeth and nails when asked. She makes sure
my babies are happy, safe and content, and provides extra special medical care when needed.

Carrie has missed many holidays with her family to ensure the health
and safety of her clients when owners are out of town. She has often driven many miles to come 3-4 times a day for weeks when my husband and I have been ill/ hospitalized. 

In my opinion, Carrie is often better to her clients than their humans.
Whenever she comes to visit, she is always showered with nose kisses!
She is honest, trustworthy, and loves her job and her clients! 
She is and always will be our ONLY pet sitter! 
                                                                                       - Robert & Roberta Hall



  Elgin, IL

"Moving to a new area can be stressful, especially when searching for pet care.  Thankfully, I found Carrie and Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care.  Immediately upon meeting Carrie I knew she was a compassionate, caring and competent individual.  I had no doubt my dogs would be in good hands while I traveled.  She cares deeply about each animal and strives to keep everyone happy and healthy!  This is especially important considering my three dogs each require
a special diet and have chronic health concerns.  I know if anything happens
while we’re away, Carrie will communicate it clearly and address the issue
while keeping the dog’s best interest at heart.  Each time I travel I look forward to the texts and pictures of my dogs.  It truly brightens my day and puts my
mind at ease to see the amazing pictures and detailed updates. 
Additionally, Carrie has been extremely helpful with finding vet specialists. 
I’m so thankful I found her!"
                                                                                                 - Courtney Erikson      

"In my life I have come to know many animal lovers
and professionals that work with animals in some
way or another, but they all pale in comparison to
what Carrie with Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care
& Photography have to offer. 

I have come to see first hand the amount of love, dedication, and enthusiasm that Carrie puts into everything she does with all animals / pets. She gives her entire heart and then some towards every animal she encounters as if they are her own, regardless of whether it is a cat, dog, fish, chicken, turtle, etc.

On top of that, Carrie is a very qualified professional with over 13 years of experience under her belt having worked at a few emergency vet service locations over the course of her career, which allows her to see and understand how to handle a wide variety of emergency situations. This helps to put your mind at ease while you are gone and allows you to know that your pets are in SAFE hands while you are away. Carrie also can administer fluids and / or medications to your pets that would otherwise cost lots of extra money for a Vet's office to administer. Those Vet bills can add up quickly! Not to mention the cost of driving to and from the Vet's office!

In addition to the reasons I have already listed, Safe Haven Advocate also has a very gifted photographer in Carrie. She has the ability to capture the best moments and true character of your pets unlike anyone out there, and if you choose, can send you those pictures while you are away to give you the peace of mind that your pet is in good hands until you return.

Overall, there is no better in-home pet care business out there that you can use for your pets, regardless of how big or small they are! Using Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care is a no brainer for any and all pet walking, pet photography, In-home daytime/ overnight care, training, medication administering services, etc. that you may require!!"

                                                                                                                 - Phillip F.


   Elgin, IL



    Elgin, IL

"I don’t know how I ever managed without Carrie! 
We have 3 dogs; Wiley, Archie, & Daisy, plus a rabbit, named Bunny, but we call her rabbit.
My in-laws, used to help watch my animals when we went out of town, but because their dogs and mine don’t get along, it was becoming complicated to leave for vacation. I will not board them because they are all rescued and my oldest was badly abused by his previous owners, so I really have not trusted anyone with them for a long time.
Then came long Carrie. When I found her, it was like God had answered my prayers for so long, sending me someone that I fully trust and know how to handle my animals. When she came over to meet us and them, they took to her like they have not taken to anyone in a very long time; we knew right then, she was the person for the job. All 3 dogs acted like they have known Carrie forever. Carrie didn’t run when we told her about how bad Wiley was abused and that
he can act out occasionally. She listened fully to how we handle him, and was
okay with taking that on. Carrie was also ok with giving meds to 2 of my dogs. One has allergies and one has asthma. 

My father-in-law stays overnight when we are gone and he can’t believe how well behaved they are when he gets there. I credit that all to Carrie. She is like the dog whisperer. She has a way with them that not even I can figure out. She is just plain awesome with my fur babies and me since I can be a bit over-protective. 

Like I said before, I don’t know how we managed without her. I would recommend her to anyone." 

                                                                                                      - Tabitha Standley

  & "JACK"


   South Elgin, IL

"I had just moved to the area and had to go out of town
for a week , the stress was ridiculous and it is so hard
to be comfortable with a new pet service provider,
especially one willing to take on five dogs, two of them
being large breed puppies..

Carrie had come highly recommended by our vet, and I cannot tell you how much better I feel. She isn't just adequate - She is the best I have ever run into! The quality of care that she provides to my pets is absolutely the best imaginable! I feel more comfortable with Carrie than I have ever felt! Her responsiveness to our needs was beyond expectations -- She understands how imporatant it is to have someone a dog owner can trust when traveling. She is on top of everything, anticipates what is needed, and is ahead of it!

Carrie has gone above and beyond in so many ways; from taking a limping pup to the vet, to monitoring and clean up when two of my pups had experienced diarrhea accidents in their crates while under her care, to sending me videos
and professional- style photos daily. Her communication is top notch! 
I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of quality pet care - She is the whole package, and then some!"
                                                                                                     - Tracey Carragher


"MACK," "MOE,"
"TY," & "MICKEY"


    South Elgin, IL

"Carrie is the best!  We had been looking for someone to care for our 4 pug
boys and once we met Carrie we knew we had found who we were looking for. 
She loves our boys and treats them like they are her own.  We are completely
at ease knowing that we can count on her to be with them when we can't. 
She knows our boys well and let's us know if she has any concerns with their health or behavior and with her experience as a vet tech, she knows what she is talking about.  As a special bonus, she is also an awesome photographer and sends us the best pictures of our crazy pugs.  We are so lucky to have found her and are very grateful to have her in the family!"
                                                                                               - Jim & Jody DeVirde

   East Dundee, IL

"We feel very fortunate to have found Carrie.  Our previous pet sitting service seemed indifferent to caring for Foxy Brown: We had different sitters regularly, few, if any notes regarding Foxy's care, and instances of outright neglect including failure to show up for scheduled visits. 

We had finally decided to find another pet sitter, but as a result of our previous experience, had low expectations that we would find a quality pet sitter. 
Carrie certainly changed our perspectives and made us realize that there is a difference between a pet sitter who just does the job and a pet sitter who sees your pet as her own responsibility, as if it was her own pet.  

From our first meeting, it was clear that Carrie was someone special.  She took the time to answer every question we had, and to even mention things we hadn't though of.  Without letting her know about our previous experiences,
she advised us that she alone would be caring for Foxy, and that she would provide us with reports at every appointment. Carrie has been absolutely true to her word:  We receive a text message when she arrives, a text when she leaves, and a daily picture of Foxy.  Foxy absolutely adores Carrie, and looks forward to regular belly rubs and snuggling with Carrie on the couch.  Carrie understands how much a part of a family a pet can be, and treats the pets she is charged with caring for as family members.  We couldn't be happier with the love and care that Carrie provides to Foxy, and we're very happy to be her clients."
                                                                                                    - Nora & Andy R.